Commercial Property

This coverage helps to cover the loss or damage of your property including buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures, supplies, storage shed’s, fencing, signs and property you do not own that is in your care, custody and control. Even if you lease space in a building you may be required to maintain property coverage for the whole building.

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What is available with Property Coverage?

  • Co-Insurance and Deductible Options
  • Earthquake (Stand-Alone policy available)
  • Flood (Stand-alone policy available)

Additional Coverages

In addition to property we can round out your insured’s coverage with Excess property, if needed, Earthquake and Flood.

Excess Property

When you have high property values and your primary markets are lacking capacity to accept your client’s needs, we can help you fill that gap.

For example: you have a quote for 7 million on a primary policy and need an additional 3 million.

We have the ability to round out the uninsured value.


Sometimes that rumble you hear and feel is not because you are hungry. According to the USGS an earthquake occurs when the stress on the edge overcomes the friction.

Protect the premises of the insured with adequate limits


We have had them since the beginning of time. No matter where you live heavy rain can overwhelm a river, creek, or a levy. The result could lead to a large loss for a business.

Wind Hail Deductible Buy Back

Are your clients experiencing higher deductibles for the perils of Wind and Hail on their commercial building, contents or business interruption? If they are located in wind prone state or have unfavorable loss history, the answer is most likely yes.

Higher deductibles, whether it be percentage or flat, on a per occurrence or per building basis can leave commercial risks in financial stress. We can offer lower deductible buy downs to meet your insured’s financial needs.

Better protect your clients with Excess and Umbrella coverage.

With limits from $1,000,000 to $25,000,000.

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