As the economy gains momentum, so does the Trucking Industry.

According to ATA statistics, truckers move 72.5% of our nation’s freight, already surpassing 796 Billion in Revenue.

There were 36.9 million trucks registered, creating 1,812,752 trucking companies.

What does that mean to you as an agent? Answer: 36.9 million opportunities!


If you have it, no doubt a commercial vehicle brought it. While this statement has often been said, it has never rung as true as today.

With all the unsettling times dropped on our doorsteps, delivery of products to homes was necessary to meet demand. Complications may lessen, but after recognizing the convenience, the demand for delivery is here to stay.

Whether you are seeking coverage for a client running coast-to-coast or just across town, we have the ability to tailor a policy to fit your exact transportation exposures. We welcome the most experienced truck agent or the agent who is writing his first commercial auto risk.

You do not need to be a trucking expert; we will be happy to use our expertise. At Med James, we enjoy working as a team with our producers to secure an order!

New Ventures - No Problem...

We offer one of the most unique options in the industry for motor carriers with less than two years in business.

This product allows new ventures/start up clients to pay for only the miles they drive. The policy is written on a direct bill basis so you do not have to chase them down for payment.

The cost savings to your client could mean the difference in them surviving or not.

If you would like to know more about of array of products our transportation underwriters are only an email or a phone call away.

Find An Underwriter

While the Transportation team at Med James, Inc. has been in operation for over 40 years, the underwriters have experience well beyond that time.

Our team works with insurance carriers who have endured the fluctuation of the marketplace for over 80 years.

We place local, intermediate, and long haul risks in any of the following categories:

  • Trucking
  • Business Auto
  • Public Auto

Coverage References

The majority of the coverages below may be written mono-line or as a package for simplicity. Carriers may offer a credit on the overall cost when multiple lines are combined. Generally, smaller accounts are written on a scheduled basis. Many of our markets offer interest free installments. If you prefer not to collect installments, we can easily prepare a competitive financing option. In some cases direct bill is available.

For larger risks with more activity, reporting policies based on units, mileage, or revenue are utilized. These risks are on a monthly pay plan with an escrow deposit, either via a statement bill or an LOC (Line of Credit).

Often referred to as “Third Party Coverage” is the core of truck Insurance.

Not only is it required by law to operate, limits must be adequate to appease the Motor Carrier Act of 80. Three basis MINIMUM limits are required: $750,000 CSL for “Raw State” products, $1,000,000 CSL for those products that are not biodegradable and are processed goods, and the final $5,000,000 limit for true Haz Mat products and various types of Public Livery.

Trucking for “Non-Trucking Use”.

Should your insured hire owner operators this coverage will reduce down the exposure of their personal use. Keeping the losses of the insured lower by eliminating losses incurred by independent drivers is paramount.

Losses incurred as a result of independent operators utilizing their vehicles for non-dispatched mileage can negatively impact your client’s loss ratio. It is critical for risk management and control of true Motor Carrier losses to separate these coverages

Physical Damage is available for all classes.

Deductibles available to suit the values and needs of the insured. Our markets entertain accounts based up stated amounts so it is imperative you match the true value to the equipment insured.

Two Forms available: Property of Others or Owners Goods.

There needs to be a clear understanding which form to request. Claim settlement is dependent totally based on the selection. Should your trucker haul his own products as well as those for others, a combination of coverage forms are used.

Actual versus contractual limits will be taken into consideration on pricing. Trip endorsements are available in lieu of elevated limits on an annual basis.

Endorsements may be included to fit commodities hauled – such as refer breakdown, locked vehicle warranty, tarpaulin coverage, animal mortality, straying and round up for livestock.

We usually only think about losses occurring while a vehicle is motion.

The truth is your client has exposure when conducting business activities outside of driving. This coverage is here to respond. If you need more coverage, full General Liability is available.

Limited coverage is included within your commercial auto policy, but in the event you need a broader form due to the commodity hauled or via written contract, Med James, Inc. has a plethora of markets available.

Environmental restoration cost can cause great financial hardship to even the strongest companies. Make sure you have selected the right coverage for the exposure.

Court awards are skyrocketing, consider adding excess liability to insure adequate limits for unexpected judgements.

Nuclear verdicts are on the rise according to a recent study by ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute). Approximately half of rear-end crashes are ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

The tables below show just how devastating the settlements can be:

Mean Verdict Amount for Rear-End Crashes

Verdict Type

Mean Verdict Amount

Sample Size


Rear-End Crashes and Mean Verdict Size(Excluding Defense Verdicts)

Issues Brought Against the Defendant

Mean Verdict

Sample Size

Rear End$5,050,527.2631
Rear End & Ran a Red Light/ Stop Sign$2,580,833.336
Rear End & Construction / Work Zone$3,443,750.004
Rear End & Failed to Slow Down$6,700,000.003
Rear End & Equipment / Maintenance Issue$1,225,000.002
Rear End & Speeding$3,015,000.002
Rear End, Construction / Work Zone & Failed to Slow Down$7,250,000.002
  • Warehouseman’s Legal Liability
  • Property Coverage for Terminal
  • Full Pollution Coverage (Location)
  • Extended Pollution Endorsement (Truck)

Become a producer, leverage our expertise, utilize our markets and grow your agency.

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